We'd Love to hear from you

Great real estate is a key factor in our success. If you're a broker, landlord or developer interested in any of our brands, we'd love to hear from you. A few things we look for:

Trade Area:

  • Restaurants, retail, hotels, and other traffic generators nearby
  • Residential population – minimum 100,000 within 3 miles; above average median household income
  • Median age ~36
  • Young singles, young families, and corporate headquarters nearby
  • Strong daytime working population and office density nearby


  • 27,000 – 35,000+/- sf
  • 1 or 2 floors (must include first floor)
  • Multiple areas for outdoor space and patios
  • 16’ minimum ceiling height
  • Ideal column spacing = 30’ x 30’
Illustrated image of our home office